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In this article, I will show you 5 basic tips for your website to analyze & increase seo affect.

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1- Divide Work Plan Into Parts

1.1- Analyse, Optimise, Implement And Grow

2- Understand What Is Going On Your Website

2.1- Connect To Google

2.2- Manual Check

2.3- Use Tools

2.4- Build A Strategy

3- Give Yourself 6 Weeks To Solve Issues

3.1- Meta Tags, Robots.txt, Sitemaps.xml

3.2- Slow Web Pages

3.3- Bad User Interface

3.4- Image Resizing

3.5- Console And Analytics Issues

4- Strengthen The Content

4.1- Write Beneficial Articles

4.2- Linking On Site

4.3- Delete Weak, Revise Old Content

5- Backlinks

5.1- Build Backlinks

5.2- Check Backlinks

1- Divide The Work Into Parts

Seo is a comprehensive job that needs to be spread over time and requires continuity. When you divide it into small pieces, managing project becomes easier. This is similar to eating. We can’t eat an apple at once unless we divide it into small pieces.

1.1- Analyse, Optimise, Implement And Grow

Let’s have a quick look to these levels! We start with analyzing. When we are ill, we go to doctor. Doctor analyses current situation and assign a appropriate color like green, yellow or red. Green refers to little sick, yellow means moderately ill and red is so sick.

We connect a website to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. A few days later, statistics come up. Then, we have helpful information about it. Now, it is easy to give it a color.

Optimizing starts with fixing issues. If the website has errors on GSC, we start fixing issues. Problems may be about server, then we go and knock the door of hosting company to get help. If code errors occur, then we send email to software developer. Maybe bounce rate is too high. Then, it is time to hire a content writer for that pages not to miss any customer with beneficial articles.

A few days later the website is responding to treatment… Issues are disappearing. Well done! You have achieved your first success!

Implementing is similar to putting another brick in the wall. What can be -brick- for the website ? For example; a question answer section. It is possible to increase Q/As and create a FAQ page.

  • Videos, gifs
  • Pictures, informative infographics
  • Best seller products
  • Hot deal offers
  • Quizzes
  • E-books
  • Slides
  • Printables
  • Free templates
  • Downloads

When these are implemented, the website will be unique and Google like uniqueness.

After you implement unique, beneficial addings to the website, impressions, clicks go up!

Congratulations! You have started growing!

Now, we’ll go into deeper. Let’s go to very beginning…

2- Understand What Is Going On Your Website

First and foremost, we are supposed to gather website data and understand current situation. Website may be :

  • Stopping,
  • Walking,
  • Running.

Walking man passes stopping man and running man passes walking man.

Here is the question : “ Is your website stopping, walking or running ? “

So we will follow this guidelines to reach information we’ll use.

Let’s get started!

2.1- Connect To Google

World’s biggest search engine is Google. We will use Google Search Engine and Google Analytics for historical and fresh statistics about our website.

These 2 data sources will help us to be succesful on seo projects.

2.2- Manual Check

Always do your manual check for seo. Open website, surf on categories, read articles, look at console for code errors, check image type and sizes, check robots.txt and sitemaps.xml. Save important things to your notepad. Then, check it from mobile phone.

Search for main keyword on Google. Visit first results. Note best parts of that pages. Turn back to your website. Critisize it. Compare yours and others. What else should be done ?

Manual check gives you an opinion about the website. Now strengthen your opinion with some great tools.

2.3- Use Tools

Tools are great when you combine them with GSC and GA.

  • Semrush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Seo Monitor
  • Ahref
  • Moz
  • Keyword.io
  • Google Trend

We use these tools to get more data. They are handy and helpful for improving seo strategy. For example; you can check your website with Screaming Frog and determine on page seo issues easily. You can see missing titles, descriptions, H tags, canonicals etc. Keyword.io tool helps us to find lots of keywords. Seo Monitor and Semrush show keywords that competitors get traffic with them. Google Trend gives trendy keywords. We can get search volumes of keywords on NEILPATEL.

2.4- Build A Strategy

We have collected enough data so far. Now we will build a strategy that works on every seo project.

  • Fix technical issues
  • Power up content
  • Get Backlinks

3- Give Yourself 6 Weeks To Solve Issues

Fixing issues are very important. Think that a website has lots of broken links or Google Bot can not crawl website. If you start with creating content or getting backlinks, all your efforts may go in vain.

Every day continue fixing problems and check for change with tools especially GSC and GA.

If you realise that errors are decreasing, you are going well.

3.1- Meta Tags, Robots.txt, Sitemaps.xml

Fix meta tag problems. You may re-write if it’s not unique. Complete missing title and descriptions.

Read robots.txt file. You can edit allow/disallow links here. If file doesn’t exist create it.

Also control sitemaps.xml file. Ensure that most important pages are here. Submit it to Google.

3.2- Slow Web Pages

One of the most important factors for ranking. No body likes slow website. When a visitor visits a website, if it loads more than 3 seconds, he/she may leave the page. Bounce rate goes up.

Customers may not be as patient as this dog.

3.3- Bad User Interface

Website design must be convenient for easy use. Common themes are designed as responsive.

3.4- Image Resizing

It is a very common mistake to upload big images unnecessarily. For example a banner is shown as 200 x 200 pixels but original pixel is 2000 x 2000 pixels. Thus, maybe 1 megabyte file is downloaded while browser’s loading the page. In fact, 200×200 img file is enough for theme. So resizing these images will increase performance of website.

3.5- Console And Analytics Issues

Always give important to issues on GSC and GA. Google Search Console reports issues and alerts.

4- Strengthen The Content

We have fixed lots of issues so far. Now our goal is to increase traffic with content. We will create unique and beneficial articles.

4.1- Write Beneficial Articles

Search for new keywords before every article. Use them, find synonyms, other related words and combine all of them in article. Use H1, H2, H3 tags. Add question\answer sections. Use pictures and gifs about topic. Add alt tags. Add video.

Enrich your article with infographic.

4.2- Linking On Site

Match pages to each other. That grants easier crawling and increase average time on website.

4.3- Delete Weak, Revise Old Content

When you realise some pages which has no traffic you may delete them. That makes your website lighter. It is a good opinion to get rid of weak content pages.

5- Backlinks

Backlinks are strong signals. When a well ranked website promotos you with a link it makes you stronger. Your prestige increases.

2.1- Build Backlinks

You can start building backlinks from directories. Add your company to directories. After that, find articles about your keyword and leave a comment to that page.

Backlinks are may be dofollow and nofollow backlinks. If it is dofollow, that website is willing to share its prestige with that website. This highly effects your website’s serp success. If it is a nofollow backlink, it means this website doesn’t want to share its prestige(seo power) with that website.

We know that guest comments are mostly nofollow links. Although it is not dofollow, it is important and suggested by seo community.

It is another way of getting backlinks from websites that discovering broken links. If you realise a broken link on a page, just get in touch with them and let them know about it. If they fix it and thank for it, you may request a promote with a backlink from that page.

2.1- Check Backlinks

Backlinks are controllable and uncontrollable. You can control your backlinks. Because you have added them. But what if others add your link to some websites. You can not edit it, remove it but you can deny.

Google Disavow tool lets you deny unwanted backlinks. So you can deny bad links and save your position on serps.


Websites are like babies. If you look after, it grows.